Your Entrepreneur Guide

Because they know how often running a business is synonymous with challenges, the SADCs and CAEs of Quebec have joined forces to offer entrepreneurs a comprehensive support guide.

This tool has been designed to offer assistance focused on listening, understanding, and implementing concrete solutions. Whether you’re just starting out in the business world, an experienced entrepreneur, or taking over the family business, your respective SADCs and CAEs can direct you to the right resources.

Created by local people to help local people, Road to Entrepreneurship is your guide to support you at every stage of your rise to success.

Transfer and succession

Whether you’re looking to buy a business or sell yours, Road to Entrepreneurship guides you through your “transfer and succession” component with resources and tips. A good succession plan often makes all the difference.

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Going into business is infinitely rewarding and gratifying. That said, without a good game plan, the experience can quickly become overwhelming! In your entrepreneur guide, you’ll find a few simple tips to apply that could help you start your entrepreneurial project.

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The question of financing is crucial when it comes to developing a business. At what stage will it be necessary to seek it out? What non-repayable contributions are available? Where can you apply? Road to Entrepreneurship supports you in each of these essential phases.

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As an entrepreneur, your time is valuable, and you want to make the most of it. With your SADC or CAE, you’ll find avenues for reflection that will lead you to the most suitable solution for your situation.

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Do you want to go further with your business? Your entrepreneur guide includes a “growth” component that could help you achieve your goals. Ask your SADC or CAE for advice that will steer you toward the best resource.

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The “eco-responsibility” component of your entrepreneur guide aims to get you thinking about simple yet effective solutions to improve the impact of your business on the environment. Find the SADC or CAE in your region to learn more!

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