Marketing and Sales

The marketing and sales component demands a great deal of time, knowledge, and energy from entrepreneurs.

A good marketing and sales strategy and good planning are often at the heart of the success of a business. In some cases, they may even determine its success or failure.

That said, don’t panic! Your marketing and sales plan doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s sometimes enough to have the right avenues for reflection and simple tools to achieve your goals.

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Marketing: the path that leads to the sale

To be able to draw up an effective game plan that will lead you to your sales goals, you need to understand the importance of the marketing component for your business.

Generally speaking, the concept of marketing encapsulates everything that is deployed to lead to the sale of your product or service. Analyzing the target customers and the market, branding, social media presence, advertising, participating in events… anything that leads your potential buyers to know your business and want your product or service is marketing.

Establishing a good marketing strategy is therefore the step to consider before thinking about the sales techniques to adopt. To know where to orient yourself with your strategy, dive back into

The sale: the decisive moment

The sale is a delicate moment where your potential customer becomes a buyer. This is where your whole marketing strategy bears fruit, so you have to make sure never to rush things.

Is your sales technique suited to the product or service you offer? Does it match your customers? Is your sales team made up of the right people? In marketing and sales, every little detail has the power to change the game!

Where to start with the marketing and sales component

Being a business manager requires you to wear multiple hats at once. If you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn with the marketing and sales component, that’s totally normal!

Find the SADCs and CAEs in your region and contact them! Their advisors will help you think strategically and steer you toward realistic solutions. If you ever need more advanced support, they will be pleased to direct you to a more specialized resource or experts.

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