Search for Small Business Grants

For most entrepreneurs, the search for small business grants is a necessary evil. Nobody likes spending hours sifting through the hundreds of available assistance programs and decoding the administrative jargon to find the most promising grants. Except, maybe, for the advisors from the SADCs and CAEs, who excel in this field…

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First step: the search for small business grants

Before you even start searching for grants for your business, an analysis of your real needs is required. Above all, to find your way in the jungle of grants, you need to know what you’re looking for.

  • What type of project will the money received be intended for: maintaining or creating jobs, expanding, starting a business, including employees living with limitations, innovation, etc.?
  • What form of support do you need: wage subsidy, direct financial contribution, tax credit, government loan, access to specialized resources?
  • What are the specifics that could give your business access to grants and guide your search: start-up, company established in a rural area, developing industry, social purpose, field of research and innovation, etc.?

Coaching for drawing up grant applications

Once the search has been done and the small business grants have been identified, the work is far from over! Now, you will have to draw up your applications and gather the supporting documents. This step alone may require a great deal of effort. That’s why the support of your local SADC or CAE can really guide you, especially if the technical language becomes an obstacle. With their coaching, you can put together more impactful documents that meet the many requirements of small business grants. Seek out the resource centre in your region to receive this valuable support

Always searching for new grants for businesses

New programs are constantly appearing in the business community, and so much the better for the entrepreneurs who benefit from them! But you still have to know that they exist. Always on the lookout for new grants for businesses in your region, your SADC or CAE keeps an eye out for you and looks after your interests.

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