Business Launch

Congratulations! You’ve reached the final stage of startup: launching your business.

A significant phase of your journey, the launch of your business doesn’t represent the end of the road! Many important details have to be planned before and during the launch.

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Before the launch of your business

This is it! Your business will be launched for good! You start getting nervous, and the things to remember start piling up.

You’ve hired your employees, ordered the equipment you were missing, set up your premises… But have you thought about all the formalities required to launch a business? For example:

  • Obtaining your numbers (employer, tax, labour standards, etc.);
  • The registration or incorporation of your company;
  • Permits and licences;
  • Etc.

Have you been foresighted? Have the contracts, such as your lease or an agreement between partners, been properly completed? Has your accounting system been set up?

All these details will play a key role at one time or another in your business launch

Dare to promote your business launch

To ensure that your business launch is successful, it’s essential to make yourself known. Due to a lack of time, many entrepreneurs overlook this important step.

As each business is different, so are the methods for achieving this goal, but consider:

  • Your business cards;
  • Your brochures;
  • Your social media;
  • Participating in events;
  • Advertising;
  • Etc.

During the launch

The first year of launching a business should be seen as a test that will serve as a comparative model, so it’s important to take notes and leave a trace.

For example, you can evaluate the performance of your business according to the previously established financial forecasts and business plan. That way, you will have all the facts about your immediate results and what you aspire to in the future.

In addition, take the time to observe the changes in your environment and adapt to them. Don’t hesitate to redo a market study, analyze your customers, and review your strategies and your budget. Evolving often means guaranteed longevity!

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