Eco-responsibility is an increasingly important component of entrepreneurship. It is based on a long-term vision that takes the inseparable nature of three components into account: the social, economic, and environmental components of a company.

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Eco-responsibility and sustainable development

Leading entrepreneurs to adopt eco-responsible business practices is a major step toward deploying the three components of sustainable development:

  • Economic: By making a few eco-responsible changes to their production methods and raw material purchases, entrepreneurs enjoy economic growth without harming the health of the environment and the human resources of their region.
  • Social: By becoming aware of certain human factors, entrepreneurs are able to take actions that offer added value to the inhabitants of their region.
  • Environmental: By rethinking the way they dispose of their waste, among other aspects, and by avoiding wasting energy and resources, entrepreneurs help preserve the natural wealth of their territory.

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Where to start with

Finding the SADC or CAE in your region is a good first step toward making sustainable changes. Several SADCs and CAEs have developed real expertise in eco-responsibility. With the mission of finding realistic and effective solutions, they will listen to you without judgment, observe your situation, and direct you to tools that will suit your reality.

The strength of the network

Taking the sustainable development of their respective regions to heart, several SADCs and CAEs have been working on concrete solutions for almost 15 years.

Each territory has its own unique tools, but the network works together toward a common goal: making entrepreneurs aware of the opportunities offered by sustainable development and leading them toward eco-responsible actions that will make a real difference.

The SADCs and CAEs are involved in their community. They are close to the people who make up their community. The network that they have been able to create over time is one of the most powerful elements that they can offer to businesses that want to make eco-responsible changes.

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