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What is Road to Entrepreneurship?

A real portal for local small business help, Road to Entrepreneurship provides you with the tools you need to advance. Your SADC or CAE supports you in carrying out your business project with concrete help and consulting service that takes your reality into account.

Your business, our support

It all starts with you and your project. Our goal is to guide you to the take the next step on your path, whatever it is. Need help with a start-up business? Want to buy an existing SME or take the reins of the family business? Looking for advice on how to grow, finance, or even sell your small business? We’re there.

Starting a Business

Launching a company: what an adventure! Many entrepreneurs embark on it with passion and enthusiasm… before the reality and the obstacles suddenly catch up with them. To avoid putting the brakes on your entrepreneurial momentum, structure your business start-up efforts and have a game plan. As you go through the steps, you will get closer to completing your project

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Business Growth

Is business booming? When a small business has reached a good cruising speed, the idea of accelerating the growth of the business can be tempting. A new product, developing an original customer segment, a new distribution channel, optimizing the production chain, opening an additional point of sale—whatever form business growth takes, the key ingredient to success remains good planning.

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Business Management

For an entrepreneur, steering the ship at every level can sometimes seem difficult. How do you find the right resources? Road to Entrepreneurship is the guide that will support you at every stage of managing your business and lead you to solutions that match your reality.

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Sources of Business Financing

Business financing remains a major issue at all stages in the life cycle of a small business. Road to Entrepreneurship helps small businesses and self-employed workers find themselves in the vast universe of small business loans and secure additional business financing.

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Transfer and Succession

Transferring a business to someone else to ensure its succession is a major step in the life of an entrepreneur. On one hand, it’s about passing it on to the next generation to experience a new adventure. On the other hand, it’s the beginning of a great professional challenge full of promise.

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Eco-responsibility is an increasingly important component of entrepreneurship. It is based on a long-term vision that takes the inseparable nature of three components into account: the social, economic, and environmental components of a company.

Our tools for SMEs and self-employed workers

To go further, we sometimes need a helping hand. Steer yourself in the right direction with our tools specifically designed to help small businesses, self-employed workers, and NPOs.

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Find your SADC or CAE and other local resources

Like you, we know how essential it is to be familiar with the business environment in your region to thrive there. That’s why SADCs and CAEs as well as our local partner resources are in the best position to guide you in your business project.

How can we help you?

Quebec’s SADCs and CAEs

Quebec’s SADCs and CAEs consist of people in the field who work first and foremost for you. For nearly 40 years, the Network has been invested in helping local environments and communities prosper with a local approach. Today, we can truly say that SADCs and CAEs play a key role in the economic development of the regions of Quebec.

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