Entrepreneur Coaching According to Your Profile

Entrepreneurship has the wind in its sails in Quebec, and so much the better! Local small businesses contribute to the vitality of the economy, our communities, and our regions. But before setting out in business, it’s good to ask yourself whether you have the right profile to be an entrepreneur. What are the essential behaviours and skills to succeed? What elements of our future entrepreneur profile deserve to be improved? With support, many aspiring entrepreneurs become better business leaders.


Do you have an entrepreneur profile?

Do you have an innate sense for business? And beyond your intuition, is your profile that of an entrepreneur? A self-reflection exercise helps future entrepreneurs see more clearly:

  • Naturally, do you have these characteristics: leadership, autonomy, dynamism, perseverance, good stress management, appetite for risk, self-confidence, ease of communication, ability to adapt, integrity, reliability, realism, and optimism?
  • Do these prospects motivate you: creating your own job, creating other jobs, being your own boss, leading, achieving, and taking on challenges?
  • Have you considered the possible repercussions on your personal life?
    • Are you willing to make sacrifices to ensure the success of your business?
    • Are you willing to be paid less while growing your business?
    • Are you prepared to work long hours without knowing how much money you will earn?

Each entrepreneur has their own profile

Knowing how to surround yourself with the right resources also starts with seeking out, as a future entrepreneur, all the support to make a successful shift toward entrepreneurship. Across Quebec, SADCs and CAEs support businesspeople with a truly customized approach. Because each person’s challenges are different, and all success stories have their own frameworks.

Coaching to grow in your role

Each entrepreneur has their own challenges: the key is to know them well. The more you have a fair picture of your entrepreneur profile, your strengths, and your shortcomings, the more able you will be to develop a network around you to perform in the role to which you aspire.

  • What are the key skills that you will need to develop in order to succeed?
  • What training would allow you to improve your entrepreneur profile: management, starting a business, accounting, human resources management, technology, sales and business development, marketing, e-commerce, social media management?
  • What internal resources would you need to help you as an entrepreneur?
  • Could you transfer certain activities outside the business (accounting, payroll processing, marketing)?
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