Entrepreneur’s Toolbox

The entrepreneur’s toolbox is essential to the success of your entrepreneurial projects. There, you’ll find the main tools developed by the SADCs and CAEs to help you at each step that marks the road to entrepreneurship.


Our tools to structure your start-up procedures and propel your entrepreneurial momentum.

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Our resources to help you adopt eco-responsible business practices.

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Marketing and Sales

Good food for thought and simple tools to achieve your goals.

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Financial Tools

Management tools and simplified calculation grids.

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Business Plan

Our business plan writing guide designed specifically for small businesses.

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Human Resources

Our resources to help you attract and retain employees.

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Transfer and Succession

Resources and checklists for the successful sale or purchase of a business.

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Digital Shift

Our resources and tips to propel your online business and improve your web presence.

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Ready, set, go!

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