Digital Shift for Small Businesses

Acquiring digital tools to be competitive on the market is more accessible than ever for small businesses. Digital technology is now within everyone’s reach with a little know-how, the right tools, and a suitable strategy. This is where Road to Entrepreneurship comes into play; this portal helps businesses take the digital shift at their own pace.

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The first steps of your small business in the digital shift

The web is vast, and it can quickly become intimidating. But having a digital presence doesn’t mean being everywhere all the time! Above all, the advisors from the SADCs and CAEs who support entrepreneurs and small businesses in their digital shift help them prioritize the actions to take. They proceed at your own pace, according to your real needs.

Taking the digital shift for a business can simply mean:

  • Reserving a domain name to create a future website
  • Acquiring inventory or accounting software
  • Increasing its social media presence
  • Receiving training to better master new technologies

How to continue your company’s digital shift

Small businesses with greater digital maturity can also reap the benefits. Across Quebec, the SADCs and CAEs offer them solutions to go further in their digital strategies. Our philosophy: a digital presence, yes, but also a quality presence. Consult your local SADC or CAE to see how to enhance your company’s digital shift and take advantage of specialized services:

  • Access to expert web resources
  • E-commerce feasibility study
  • Support with a website redesign
  • Addition of a transactional module or booking system
  • Etc.

Your digital projects, our expertise

Working hand in hand with local entrepreneurs is what gives meaning to our work. And that’s pretty much what we do best! Whether we’re helping a small business adopt digital technology or any other type of coaching, we’re committed to offering them 100%-customized support. Why? Because no business faces the same challenges or the same reality in the field, so there isn’t just one way for a business to take the digital shift.

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