Business Development and Growth

Is business booming? When a small business has reached a good cruising speed, the idea of accelerating the growth of the business can be tempting. A new product, developing an original customer segment, a new distribution channel, optimizing the production chain, opening an additional point of sale—whatever form business growth takes, the key ingredient to success remains good planning. And working with the right partners doesn’t hurt either!


Properly planning your business development

The development and growth of a small business must be planned. Of course, new opportunities sometimes arise unexpectedly: this is one of the great surprises of being in business!

Generally speaking, however, healthy business development must be prepared and be part of a medium- and long-term strategic plan. In a business plan focused on its growth, a business must consider the different components of its operations (and future operations):

  • Impact on future human resources needs;
  • Financing and injecting the required funds to ensure small business growth;
  • Any possible modifications to the premises or relocations to be planned;
  • Scope of the distribution network and acquisition of new suppliers;
  • Adjustment of the promotion or prospection strategy;
  • New legal obligations to meet;
  • Etc.

100%-custom coaching

“Have you thought about that?” This may be the question that the advisors from your local SADC or CAE will most often ask you. To support you effectively in the growth of your business, our team makes every effort to guide you in the strategic thinking to be carried out. Since it works with many entrepreneurs and is close to the communities, it enjoys a unique perspective.

Need to get in touch with a player in your region’s business environment? Need help finding grants specifically intended for business development and growth? Need to prepare a financial plan to be presented to a business partner or a financial institution? These are all steps which our advisors can help you overcome.

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