As a business, association or organization, Google Business Profile is a must-have tool for you. Google listings are now becoming a central, even essential element for your visibility. They allow you to share your information, but it is also a free tool that highlights your activities, products or services that benefit from Google visibility.

Google Business Profile is a complementary support to your website which has many advantages:

  • A digital business card on the most used search engine in the world
  • Multi-media visibility (search engine and maps)
  • An improvement in your position in search results
  • An increase in quality in-store traffic
  • A better understanding of your business
  • Simplified loyalty
  • Legitimacy in the eyes of Internet users
  • Better local visibility

It will also allow you to:

  • Interact with your customers on Google for free
  • Attract customers with a good business profile
  • Give your customers more ways to reach you

With your free business profile, you will be able to post photos and offers to show what makes you different, but above all, give reasons to your customers to choose you every time!


Do a test with your company, “google it”.

It will be the business listings that will be presented by Google that will appear first. You may find yourself, but your information is wrong (location, opening hours, photos, description, comments). You just might not exist! The file is to be created. This Google listing will be the first to come out, so your business must have its up-to-date listing. Your customers will use this information to continue their research, make calls or visits. Being connected to web users is essential today. Regardless of the size of your business, the benefits are important for your proper development.

Google Business Profile will allow you to:

  • Be spotted more easily
  • Help a customer get to you
  • Have feedback on your products
  • Develop the relationship with the users of your services

5 reasons your small business need to use it:

  • It’s free
  • Help your customers locate you
  • Ensure better visibility in mobile/web search results
  • Measure the traffic and audience of your business profile
  • Obtain the opinions of your customers


Where to start?

  1. Check that your company has its file. If it is not claimed, go claim it to take control of it. Validate the information therein and see if there is a way to improve and animate it.
  2. If you do not have a profile, go to create it at this address:

Google Business Profile displays information related to your business and puts your potential and current customers in direct contact with your business. It increases your visibility in order to retain your customers. Here is a tool to use without any moderation.


Ready, set, go!

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