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Contrary to popular belief, conducting market research is not just for large companies. Analyzing your market in a simple way is worth the effort, as it allows for more informed business decisions and helps prevent costly mistakes. A crucial element in launching a new product or service, it serves, among other things, to develop your business plan.

Conducting a market research is an important element in launching a new product or service. It provides valuable information on the potential size and scope of your target market, as well as customer preferences and buying habits. In this blog post, we will see why it is important to conduct market research and how to go about it.

Why Conduct Market Research?

Why Conduct Market Research?


Launching a new product or starting a business is an exciting and rewarding adventure, but it is important to understand the market before diving in. Conducting market research is essential to ensure that the product or service will be well-received and meets a need. For your brilliant idea to translate into success, it must first and foremost fulfill a need or offer a solution to a problem.

Take the example of Jasmine, who owns a pet grooming salon. She has been thinking about adding a daycare service for her four-legged clients. Her family and friends are thrilled with this idea and find it brilliant. Should Jasmine let their enthusiasm convince her to move forward with her project?

While their approval gives Jasmine a good dose of positive energy, it is better for her to conduct a survey among her current and potential clientele to gauge their interest. Before investing time and money in adding a new service, it is essential for Jasmine to analyze current market conditions, gather opinions from her clients and potential consumers, define the needs of her target market to tailor her offer, and of course, know her competitors to position herself well.

Once the market research is completed, Jasmine will have precise data that will allow her to make an informed decision about the feasibility of her project. This data will be valuable when applying for funding and for estimating potential revenue.

Are you planning to start a new business, add a product or service to your existing range, or expand your offering into new markets? Conducting market research will allow you to validate the relevance of your project and plan an effective and thoughtful marketing strategy.

3 Key Steps to Conducting Market Research

1- Information Gathering


The first step in market research is to identify and analyze current market conditions. Collecting data on the current market and its trends will help you identify opportunities for success, risks, and obstacles to anticipate.

  • Who are your competitors?
  • What are the needs of your target market?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of existing products?

2- Field Verification


Once the market conditions are identified, the next step is to understand your potential customers. This involves studying the behavior, needs, and preferences of the target market, as well as identifying potential areas for innovation.

Surveys are a valuable tool for collecting this data and completing your analysis. This information can then be used to develop a marketing strategy and a product range that meets the needs of your target market.

3- Positioning and Marketing Strategy


Now that the initial analysis is complete, and you have confirmation that your market is real and sufficient, you can define your offer, position yourself against the competition, and develop an effective pricing strategy and promotion plan.

At first glance, conducting market research may seem long and tedious, but it is an essential step to ensure a successful launch and long-term success.

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