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Engaging in a competition is a powerful accelerator for any entrepreneurial project. Beyond tangible rewards (scholarships, support, mentorship), it’s the perfect opportunity to forge connections with seasoned entrepreneurs and expand your professional network, a crucial lever in the startup phase.

Although many entrepreneurs cite a lack of time as a reason not to participate in entrepreneurship competitions, the benefits in terms of validation and improvement of their project are worth the sacrifice. Submitting an application requires a detailed file, including a robust business plan, and offers an opportunity for deep reflection on the project. Feedback, whether positive or requiring adjustments, provides valuable insights to refine and strengthen the idea. In summary, participating in a competition is beneficial, whether you receive praise or constructive criticism.

Why Participate in Entrepreneurial Competitions?

1- Gain Visibility and Credibility


Participating in an entrepreneurial competition proves to be an effective strategy to increase both visibility and credibility. The appeal of your project to the public and the scale of the competition play a crucial role in visibility potential, with benefits including features on the competition’s website and networks, press coverage, and more, ensuring increased recognition within your ecosystem. Moreover, being selected by a jury, often comprised of recognized professionals, enhances your credibility, offering additional assurance to your future partners and investors through this external validation of your project.

2- Develop Your Network


Participating in an entrepreneurial competition is an efficient and quick way to develop your network. You will have the opportunity to connect with other candidates, experienced entrepreneurs, professionals, and investors, who can become valuable resources for your project. These interactions provide fertile ground for exchanging ideas, receiving advice, and gaining external perspectives, thereby allowing you to refine and improve your project. Additionally, attracting the attention of the public and judges can open doors to potential partnerships, significantly accelerating the development of your network and business, an opportunity that would have been difficult to seize without this competition experience.

3- Growing as an Entrepreneur


The preparation and participation in an entrepreneurial competition force you to sharpen your ability to communicate your project, both in writing and orally, thereby improving your persuasion and effectiveness at all levels of your entrepreneurial journey, especially during development. Filling out the application form is an introspective exercise that pushes you to deeply analyze your business, highlighting your strengths and clearly identifying your performance indicators, according to criteria valued by external observers. This process also prepares you to receive feedback from professionals, capable of revealing unforeseen issues and obstacles, thus offering you a valuable perspective to evolve as a manager and entrepreneur.

4- Winning Prizes, Obviously!!


Winning an entrepreneurial competition offers not only valuable visibility but also prizes in scholarships varied and tailored to the needs of budding entrepreneurs. These rewards, ranging from financial support to specific services (such as SEO, management, graphic design, communication), as well as personalized support by experts, hosting, or equipment, are designed to give a significant boost to your project. In summary, whether it’s direct financial aid, the opportunity to benefit from mentorship, services dedicated to the development of your business, or a place in an incubator or accelerator, each form of award is a major asset for starting on solid ground.

Some Recommendations:


  • Determine your goals. Are you primarily looking for funding, media visibility, validation of your concept, or professional support?

  • Select the competitions that are most likely to help you achieve these goals, considering the intentions of the organizers and their selection criteria.

  • Participating in many competitions can be tempting, but be aware of the time this involves. Ensure that the effort is worth it.

  • Prepare your pitch carefully before presenting to a jury. Your presentation should be concise and impactful. If participating as a team, evenly distribute speaking time and highlight your complementarity.

  • In case of non-selection, ask for feedback to improve your future presentations. Juries are generally willing to help unsuccessful candidates.

A Few Provincial Entrepreneurial Competitions:

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